5 weeks and counting – everything must go!

5 weeks and counting – everything must go!


Today we took our first steps towards letting go of our material possessions. Enter Craigslist with a frenzy of picture taking, advert creation and price setting. Here’s a summary of what we have on offer (especially for those in Vancouver who may be in the market for something we own!).

It’s very liberating to let go but it’s also quite daunting to give up the tables, chairs, lamps, shelves and other furniture and goods that we’ve come to see as common fixtures in our home over the past few years. But, unless it can fit in a backpack or in storage, it must go! Thank you to friends who have kindly offered to take care of our more valuable furniture and other items that we can’t bear to part with.

We’ve also spent some time today sorting through old greeting cards, letters and photographs. What a walk down memory lane – albeit a scary one at times given the various hairstyles and clothing choices over the years! We’ve elected to keep a box with a sampling of sentimental items, but have been firm with letting go of the rest. Also very liberating!

Part of our purging strategy also includes divvying up our trinkets, clothes, sporting goods, books and everything else into three categories: to sell, to donate and to store. Hopefully it won’t be too hard to decide which items go into which category! With the cost of storage, we’re going to have to be very strict with which items fall into this box!

Our adventure is starting to feel quite real now, and there’s much to do before our feet touch ground in Belize. Fingers crossed our sale of items goes well and we’ll be emptying our apartment swiftly over the next few weeks.

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  1. 30th September 2013 | Michelle Rixon says: Reply
    I loved the photo's of my boys you sent me via Facebook ... I cant believe they were that small. Will definately be following your adventure x
    • 3rd October 2013 | Bev says: Reply
      Hopefully we'll see you on our South African leg of the adventure!
  2. 2nd October 2013 | Denise says: Reply
    This will probably be one of the toughest steps you need to take. Good luck and just remember if it is replaceable, then you are probably better off especially since it will be a few years.
    • 3rd October 2013 | Bev says: Reply
      Thanks for the support Denise! There will be a few tough calls to make, but you're absolutely right about letting go of things considering the length of our adventure!

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